Professor Richards Consulting Services

Dr. Soyini Ayanna Richards and her team of consultants offer an array of services.  No organization is too big. No business is too small.  We can help you invest in yourself, business or organization. Contact us today.  Let's talk!!!

Our services include:

  • Coaching

  • Trainings

  • Wellness Retreats

  • Workplace Retreats

  • Workforce Development

  • College Readiness Workshops

"Let's Talk College 101"

Let Dr. Richards' team of coaches give you a helping hand.  

We offer coaching services in person, via Skype or other modes of communication. 

Get started TODAY.

"Let's Talk Coaching"

Of course you need a coach...

Let Dr. Richards or a member of her team of coaches give you a helping hand.  

We offer coaching services in person, via Skype or other modes of communication. 

Get started TODAY. 

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Dr. Richards and her team assist professionals in creating tailored sustainable and successful strategies promoting an appreciation for diversity.  We begin by understanding your business goals and then assessing your needs to recommend customized solutions.  The services include cultural competency training and tools to promote appropriate interaction with others.  We are committed to providing outstanding inclusion & diversity consulting services, knowledge and innovation. Our training and services will increase awareness and support efforts to meet your organization's employee, or the people served diverse needs. 

7 Reasons to Choose us as your Diversity & Inclusion partner:

  • We provide credibility for your D&I initiative.

  • We align your D&I initiative to the goals and objectives of your organization.

  • We provide structures and systems to support your D&I process.

  • We establish a D&I business-relevant shared vision.

  • We help you to garner support and commitment for your D&I initiative

  • We provide "one stop shopping" that offers a large network of proven D&I professionals, knowledge, experience and solutions.

  • We save you time and money by providing proven expertise and knowledge avoiding costly mistakes.

Dr. Soyini Richards speaks to live audiences of all ages to instruct and inspire ideas to change lives.  Her messages are tailor made to encourage higher level thinking and raise the consciousness of audiences.  Professor Richards has a Ph.D. in business psychology and a master's in counseling psychology. She is a serial entrepreneur and genuinely cares about the success of others. Dr. Richards is available to give talks, presentations, and television or radio interviews online or in-person. If you are looking for an engaging, experienced speaker about academic success, discovering one's calling, workplace issues, female topics/trends and more, contact us to discuss scheduling an appearance.