Contact us today to book your school, church, neighborhood or organization's College Readiness Workshops.  College readiness refers to the set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors a high school student should have in preparation for a successful college experience. The workshops offer students an opportunity to ask questions, hear from professors, talk to current college students, share helpful tools and more surrounding what to expect when they walk on campus. 

Professor Richards and her team of consultants assist adult clients, children and their families with their learning experience.  The team has experience working with clients of ALL grade levels from preschool to professional degrees.  Whether the client is considering the best school setting for their preschooler or reconsidering their current career, Professor Richards' Team can help make the experience a smooth process.  They are ready to HELP you or your child reach their highest potential.  

  • Optimize education experience
  • Enhance a student’s performance, potential and talent development
  • Assist all ages with making learning fun and develop a passion for learning
  • Coordinate with other professionals for necessary services & evaluations
  • Discover and develop new talents
  • Advocate for students and accompany parents to school meetings
  • Guidance on how to maximize the college experience
  • Clarify education priorities and appropriate major/program 

                                       …and countless other services.